Web Streaming Is Coming to MARRS!

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Beginning in January 2019, MARRS will broadcast its programs over the internet instead of the radio. Thanks to a co-operative agreement with TRIAD Information Reading Service of Winston Salem, this switch to online streaming will greatly improve your listening experience with a much clearer broadcast signal, no static or cross talk, and no fluctuating quality due to weather conditions.Online streaming will also allow us to expand our program content, increase our reader team, and enhance our funding.


We greatly appreciate WCQS and WNCW for their support over the years, but the radio technology we use is rapidly becoming outmoded, and the equipment is becoming impossible to maintain. You can hear MARRS programming over the internet today. Please visit our website at http://marrswnc.org and begin listening online as soon as possible.


Remember: In January 2019, your radio will no longer be able to receive MARRS programming. InsteadMARRS will broadcast onlinethrough your internet device.


If you have any questions or need help, email us at info@marrswnc.org or call 828-251-2166.