Can you read this clearly? Imagine you couldn’t. For those with blindness, low vision, and other impairments, reading the news can be an impossible task. But you can help. Here are some ways you can make a big difference.


Volunteers read from our local newspapers from Monday through Friday at locations in Asheville and in Hendersonville. Typically, this requires one to two hours of time. Readers usually work in pairs. The frequency of reading commitments can be adapted to your availability.

Deliver Radios

Volunteers deliver the specially equipped radios to our clients. This includes helping to find a good location for the radio, testing it, and providing instructions on how to use the unit. Scheduling is generally very flexible.

Manage Operations

Those who volunteer as Daily Managers see to the operations of the studio. Training is provided.

Help in Other Ways

There are many other ways volunteers can help MARRS, such as providing clerical support and helping with one-time tasks; assisting with outreach presentations to community groups; serving on committees for special events, fundraising, and other functions, and serving on the MARRS Board of Directors.

Contact Us Today

If you would like more information, on how you can be of service to MARRS, please contact us at or call (828) 251-2166.

Volunteers Make a Difference

We recognize how wonderful the MARRS volunteers are. Without them this would not be possible. Every year MARRS hosts a Volunteer Appreciation Event to share the joy of service to those that are blind or visually impaired.



Haley: A young volunteer
“The reason I volunteer with MARRS is personal: having a physical disability oftentimes means, at least in my experience, that you don’t get to give back to others in as major a way as they do to you. MARRS changed that for me.” Hayley Michaels, Volunteer